We enable you to connect with your prospects personally

Create a multi-channel experience by connecting with your visitors beyond your website.

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With Neocom you gain more than customer loyalty


more revenue


higher conversion rate


uplift in AOV


engagement rate

CAMPZ makes it's product discovery process easier

CAMPZ improved the customer experience and reduced bounce rate by offering product advisors for complex categories. View the case story and find out, how CAMPZ managed to seamlessly expand guided selling for outdoor equipment across multiple countries with Neocom.

Assist your visitors with digital advisors

Neocom enables you to engage, consult and connect with your visitors individually with the power of guided selling.

  • Intelligent conversation flows
  • Significant uplift in your KPIs
  • No coding knowledge needed

Results that are most appropriate to the user needs

The algorithm chooses the best products based on the answers and product attributes.

  • Compromise suggestions
  • Auto and custom labels
  • Comparative feature list

Connect with visitors to turn them into qualified leads

Connect with leads with a high purchase intent. Have a personalized communication to stand out from competitors. Neocom also offers an auto-email feature to do it for you.

  • Enable saving results to email
  • Allow user to re-consider the results
  • Generate recall value for your brand/store

Personalized communication

Automated emailing

Neocom automatically sends a custom email to the visitors who wish to save the results.

Pursue visitors even after they have left your store

Use the lead data for marketing purposes. We ensure appropriate consent before saving data.

Enhance your customer journey

"We use the Neocom Guided Selling solution in our online store to support undecided visitors in the product selection process. With the advisor, we can analyze the user behavior of individual visitors in detail and, thanks to Neocom tracking, conduct specific retargeting. The fast, uncomplicated customer support for customization requests deserves special mention. In addition, Neocom supports us by developing individual features."

- Oliver Bontenbroich,
Head of UX/UI, Sparhandy

Building trustworthy relations


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The ultimate discovery platform

From consideration to purchase, Neocom empowers companies to offer support through the entire purchasing journey.

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Never lose potential customers again

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