Analyze user behaviour to boost your business performance

Gain insights about your top target audience. Learn what their key needs are and what drives their purchase intent.

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How sparhandy achieved a 18% Conversion Rate uplift with Neocom’s Product Discovery solution

The uniquely designed UX had instant results, helping the 20% undecided visitors to find their perfect product. What makes this Guided Selling solution so special is, that it enables the user to find the most suitable phone with a matching tariff with only eight simple questions.

Assist your visitors with digital advisors

Neocom enables you to engage, consult and connect with your visitors individually with the power of guided selling.

  • Intelligent conversation flows
  • Significant uplift in your KPIs
  • No coding knowledge needed

Optimise your advisor performance

Gain extensive analytical abilities using the Neocom admin portal. Always have the important KPIs at hand to create the best performance possible.

Finding interaction patterns

Get value beyond the digital advisor. Find out exactly how your visitors interact on your pages. Define actions your purchase, marketing and sales departments.

Fine tuning the advisor

Use the advisor statistics to find out scope of improvement for your conversations. A/B test different versions to see what works best for your target group.

Analyzing bounce instances

Acquire a comprehensive overview of each step of the conversation. Understand what is most important to your visitors and where more assistance might be required.

Discover user behaviour

Find out what triggers your users

See exactly when your visitors need help. Engage your visitors using predictive engagement features.

Insights into purchase trends

Collect first party right within the conversation. Get analytical data about products, brands, target groups, seasonality.

Long term sales analysis

Obtain sizeable sales statistics to optimize your sales funnel and convert prospects into returning customers.

Enhance your customer journey

photo of Megan poeshel, head of marketing and communication at radwelt

“We are sure that the e-bike consultant makes the purchase decision much easier for our customers and positively influences the conversion rate. Onboarding was quick and easy – we are fully satisfied with Neocom’s support.”

- Megan Pöschel,
Head of Marketing & Communication, Radwelt

Building trustworthy relations


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The ultimate discovery platform

From consideration to purchase, Neocom empowers companies to offer support through the entire purchasing journey.

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Never lose potential customers again

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