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Build stunning digital advisors for delightful experiences

We enable companies to engage, consult and connect with their visitors individually - on scale.

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AI powered guided selling in 3 easy steps

AI powered guided selling in 3 easy steps


Connect feed

Simply connect your product data to Neocom. Now you have all relevant product attributes ready to begin the setup of your advisor.


Create conversations

Define the conversation flow and add in expert data. Personalize the advisor to create a unique experience within your existing website.


Let Neocom take over

Leverage Neocom's conversation algorithm that provides high conversion performance with no maintenance.

AI powered guided selling in 3 easy steps


Connect feed

Connect your products as a feed and Neocom will automatically dock your data to the Playbook interface.


Create conversations

Select a playbook category which provides the expert knowledge and product advice "Out of the Box" or create your own.


Let Neocom take over

Leverage Neocom's conversation algorithm that provides high conversion performance with no maintenance.

Product highlights

With Neocom enhance your visitor's user journey. Engage your visitors, guide them through your products, recommend the perfect one for them and connect with them until the purchase.

Engage visitors in their individual journeys

Provide tailor-made assistance when the visitors need it and where they need it. Launch automated engagement based on behavioural patterns of each visitor. We make sure you have utmost flexibility and your visitors have an ideal user experience.

Video engagement

Interactive prompts

Custom designed teasers

Discovery through AI powered conversational guidance

Neocom AI creates unique flows that transform complex product data into human friendly conversations. Guide your visitors to an informed decision and recommend products matching their needs - all within one flow.

Customizable interface

To create a user interface that feels a part of your website, you can customize Neocom advisors. Add your own visual content, change the font, specify colors and so on.

Smart ranking ensures results that are most appropriate to the user needs

Auto-generates top matches

Based on the answers that a visitor gives, Neocom generates the best product selection.

Compromise suggestion

Give a range of distinct product recommendations to pick the best suitable one from the selection.

Comparative features list

Auto-display detailed data of each product that enables the visitor to compare them.

Connect with visitors to turn them into qualified leads

Connect with your anonymous visitors and convert them into qualified leads with a high purchase intent. Have a personalized communication to stand out from competitors. Neocom also offers an auto-email feature to do it for you.

Get direct user feedback

Hear from your visitors about their needs. Fine tune your advisors to perform optimally for your specific target audience.

Deep insights

Collect first & zero party data as well as data on user behavior and buying patterns of your visitors. Analyze what your top audience is, what their key needs are, and what drives their purchase intent.

'No code' integration

Neocom advisors are easy to integrate in any website without programming knowledge.

Create your first advisor within minutes

"For us, it was important to find a tool with which we could make the product search in a complex assortment as simple and goal-oriented as possible for our customers. In addition, it should be possible to access the advisor at any time and make adjustments ourselves. With the Neocom Admin Portal, this is exactly what is possible and, in addition, the handling is super intuitive. Through the portal, we also have direct insight into the needs of our customers and can perform a wide range of analyses. A great overall package"

- Johannes Binner,
Head of Digitalisation, Schwalbe

Building trustworthy relations


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Strategic services, with you every step of the way

Initial setup

To maximize your gain from Neocom, we assist you with the initial setup for your advisors.

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Ongoing success

We help you define relevant KPIs and measure them over the time to optimize your performance.

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Scalability support

Neocom supports you to scale globally across companies, multiple languages and categories.

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Compatible with your favourite shop system

The ultimate product discovery platform

Neocom is a multi-dimensional solution to enhance conversion, engagement, customer satisfaction and revenue growth.

Never lose potential customers again

‍Elevate your business KPIs with Neocom. Get a personalized demo to see how Neocom fits in your growth strategy.

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