Help your visitors discover exactly what they are looking for

Guide your visitors through a personalized product discovery journey and empower them to make the right purchase decision.

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With Neocom you gain more than customer satisfaction


more revenue


higher conversion rate


uplift in AOV


engagement rate has simplified selling complex products like e-bikes with guided selling

Expensive and complex products often need extensive knowledge in order to make an informed and confident decision to buy it. With the guided selling solution from Neocom, offers their customers an easy way to find a perfect product. View the case story to find out, how helps their customers finding their perfect e-bike effortless.

Assist your visitors with digital advisors

Neocom enables you to engage, consult and connect with your visitors individually with the power of guided selling.

  • Intelligent conversation flows
  • Significant uplift in your KPIs
  • No coding knowledge needed

Expert advice

Provide relevant information to your visitors when they need it. Save them the time to research from different sources.

  • Show it at the perfect time and place
  • Rich media support
  • Assist user in decision making

AI asks the right questions at the right time

Creates unique flows

Based on individual needs, Neocom optimizes each conversation to quickly reach the best product.

Asks only relevant questions

Neocom skips the irrelavant questions in the flow based on the previous answers given by a visitor.

Calculates top results smartly

The algorithm chooses the best products based on the answers and product attributes.

Results that are most appropriate to the user needs

Auto-generates top matches

Based on the answers that a visitor gives, Neocom generates the best product selection.

Auto and custom labels

Give a range of distinct product recommendations to pick the best suitable one from the selection.

Comparative features list

Auto-display detailed data of each product that enables the visitor to compare them.

Customized experience that fits right into your website seamlessly

Fully responsive advisors

We ensure mobile first approach, which ensures a seamless experience to all devices. No compromises at all!

Visual customization

Create a user interface that feels a part of your website. Add your own visual content, change the font, specify colors and so on.

Language customization

Talk in your brand’s language and tone. Define custom text on the advisors, auto emails, prompts and much more.

Custom triggers offer you flexibility

Neocom advisors can be embedded into your existing website. Neocom has the potential to satisfy a wide array of user journeys weaving in and out of multiple platforms.

Enhance your customer journey

photo of Christopher selling, the deputy managing director of just music

"With Neocom we can offer the perfect buying advice to all our customers that feels just like an in-store sales assistant. Whether expert or beginner, Neocom always guides to the right product."

- Christoph Selig,
Deputy Managing Director, JustMusic

Building trustworthy relations


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The ultimate discovery platform

From consideration to purchase, Neocom empowers companies to offer support through the entire purchasing journey.

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Never lose potential customers again

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