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About bikesale.de

bikesale.de offers high-quality brand bikes at unbeatable prices. E-bikes and bicycles are given a second chance and used bikes are completely technically overhauled and refurbished by experts. At bikesale.de the customer has the choice between new and used bikes, always with best
price guaranteed.

The case

The bicycle industry is changing and completely new challenges are arising. For example, the current huge demand for bicycles, the growing e-commerce or a new target group formed by e-bikes. This increases the challenges for retailers like bikesale.de, but also for its customers. To make an informed decision today, a lot of research or prior knowledge is required.
In its retail store, bikesale.de can answer customers' questions directly or provide appropriate information. Online, customers face a problem: For example, the names "City Bike" or "Urban Bike" do not make it clear which products are meant. This can quickly become a challenge for consumers. bikesale.de has therefore set itself the task of making the journey to the desired product easier.

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