How CAMPZ managed to scale Neocom into different categories, companies and countries


average AOV uplift across categories


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CAMPZ is part of the Internetstores group and brings more people into the outdoors than many other specialty retailers. The outdoor retailer is known for high quality, exceptionally good expertise and selected products, which are regularly tested by its own employees. In addition to the online store, campz runs its own adventure blog and inspires its target group with very high editorial standards.

The case

The unique product variety offered by CAMPZ has the perfect product for all customers. At the same time, they have the goal of making the search for this product even easier.
The solution is Neocom's Guided Selling technology. The digital advisors help exactly where uncertainty could arise among the customers - just like real sales assistants in stationary retail.
In dialog with the AI-powered advisors, customers answer a series of questions and thus get closer and closer to the desired product. Instead of having to decide between abstract product features, consumers are asked about their requirements and personal preferences in a vivid way. In this way, CAMPZ visitors get the necessary information in the right place and find the perfect product without having to deal with the topic beforehand.

In addition to the filters, CAMPZ offers a simple and convenient buying experience that invites people to come back again and again.

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