How ETERNA managed to create an exceptional user experience - just like in the retail store


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ETERNA is a strong brand with a long tradition: the German manufacturer of shirts and blouses for every occasion celebrates its 160th anniversary in 2023. In 2021, around two million shirts and half a million blouses went to several thousand specialist retailers as well as customers in Germany, Europe and around the world who appreciate German craftsmanship.

The case

ETERNA's wide range of products strives to offer the perfect shirt for almost every customer - five fits, various sleeve lengths and different collar shapes are not easy for new customers to keep track of at first glance. The first step of the cooperation between ETERNA and Neocom was an advisor for men's shirts. Through this, after a few clicks, the user can find the most perfect selection of matching shirts from over 1,500 items.

By combining a size finder with the product finder, customers can be offered the most convenient customer experience.

If a customer does not know their correct size, he can answer three questions about his body shape, height and weight. Afterwards the user gets one size and two fit recommendations and can continue selecting his preferences for his perfect shirt. As the advisory process progresses, the selection becomes more and more tailored to the client's needs. With this, ETERNA can offer a customer experience like in a retail store. The user has the possibility to find a shirt, suitable in style and size, in one convenient process.

Additional, the admin portal offers many analysis options for monitoring the success. Together with Neocom's Customer Success Team, this enables continuous improvement of the targeted KPIs. Extensive tracking methods allow user behavior to be evaluated smoothly. This makes all steps fully traceable, allowing targeted optimization in the right places.

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