How reduced their returns by 39% thanks to Neocom’s Product Discovery solution


Less returns for e-bikes


AOV uplift for bicycle accessoires

Ø 52%

Conversion rate uplift

About, part of the Internet Stores Group, probably puts more people on bikes than anyone else in Europe. With a unique range of bicycles, clothing, gear and accessories, offers over 50,000 items and 700 brands, giving them one of the broadest product ranges of any e-retailer in this category. also offers expert advice through it e-retail store to help customers navigate this sea of products effectively.

The case

Neocom's digital Product Discovery solution acts as a genuine in-store salesperson, providing assistance when uncertainties arise. Customers are guided to their desired product by answering a series of Neocom's AI-powered questions from the advisor. Instead of being overwhelmed with an information overload, clients are given specific instructions.

Neocom’s Product Discovery Solution creates an individual flow based on each customer's individual needs and presents the perfect product in the most efficient way. Results are provided so users can evaluate their options and make calculated decisions.

This guarantees, that customers won't end up purchasing the wrong product, leading to fewer returns and happier customers. The primary cause of returns was that customers weren't 100% sure their purchase were the best option.

Neocom has not only improved the average
order value, but the return rate for e-bikes dropped 39%.

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