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About Haufe Akademie

Haufe Akademie, headquartered in Freiburg, Germany, is one of the leading providers of professional education and corporate learning solutions. In the fiscal year 2023, the company employs over 570 people. Haufe Akademie offers flexible learning formats such as practice-oriented seminars and online trainings, conferences, qualification programs or e-learning and much more. By providing participants with a close connection between theory and practical applications, Haufe Akademie provides high-quality, customer-centric courses and tailor-made solutions.

The case

Haufe Akademie offers a wide range of over 2,100 innovative training courses for specialists and managers. These include practice-oriented seminars and online training as well as workshops, e-learning courses, blended learning concepts and much more. The subject areas in which Neocom’s innovative advisors are used include Personnel Management, Leadership Skills, Sales, Communication, Project Management, and Digitalization.

Participation in a course, regardless of if it is for an individual or company, is associated with a high investment of time, resources, and money, so making the right choice is key. This is exactly where Neocom's Guided Discovery software takes over: It facilitates this extensive purchase decision for Haufe Akademie's customers and thus the path to perfect professional training.

The overwhelmingly positive user feedback of 87% (CSAT industry-standard 70% - 80%) underpins the satisfaction of the clientele with both Neocom’s recommendation and Haufe Akademie's course selection.

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