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About Paulmann Licht

The family business Paulmann Licht was founded in 1978 and is currently operating in 40+ countries around the world. From D2C online, in DIY stores or B2B – customers can buy Paulmann's products everywhere. The company offers more than 2,500 products in its online store. Their focus is directed towards recessed luminaires and system solutions such as the URail track system or the Plug&Shine outdoor lighting system. With these, customers can create their own sophisticated, customized lighting concepts in their homes.

The case

Up until now, customers had to use 20 filters and 15 pages full of product listings to browse through the selection of recessed luminaires. Customers who are on the fence often feel lost in this large product range and need some more help.

Neocom's discovery solution provides a viable solution to the situation at hand: The digital Product Discovery solution guides the respective customer to the most suitable product selection, by asking only 8 simple questions. Prospects no longer have to deal with filters and abstract features. Instead, the software leads them directly to the desired product. During this process, the users aren't flooded with endless information, but receive precise and effective advice.

In comparison, with the average conversion rate of 2,5 - 3% in e-commerce, the CR of Paulmann's online shop with Neocom is three times higher.

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