How sparhandy achieved a 18% Conversion Rate uplift with Neocom’s Product
Discovery solution


Reach the end of the advisor or click on
a product


Conversion rate uplift in the category “undecided visitors”


Return on Investment

About sparhandy

sparhandy was founded in 2000 offering personalized Mobile tariffs and the newest Smartphones. As a part of the Swiss mobile giant, Schweizer Mobilezone AG, which also owns, the TV channel Handystar, and the mobile network provider HIGH & SIGA, sparhandy has grown to employ 350 people in Germany, and around 1000 worldwide.

The case

With Neocom’s Product Discovery Solution, sparhandy can finally offer their customers the long-desired digital advisor for their online shop. In contrast to their competitors, Neocom convinced sparhandy with a simple and fast launch strategy.

The uniquely designed UX had instant results, helping the 20% undecided visitors to find their perfect product. What makes this Guided Selling solution so special is, that it enables the user to find the most suitable phone with a matching tariff with only eight simple questions.
This way, consumers experience their own, personal shopping advice – just like in retail. The main difference is, that customers experience no waiting time and can get advice 24/7. That enables Neocom’s solution to convert interested users who couldn’t make a purchase decision at first.

Thanks to the 18% conversion uplift,
sparhandy's investment was amortized after just 56 days, achieving an annual return on investment of 650%.

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